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This is a list of ads that I compiled through Ads of the World. Some are not real ads but ideas and suggestions from Ads of the World forum members.

T-Mobile: Facebook

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Budapest, Hungary


The only existing


Restless for Good
Social Network

from Ads of the World forum members


Facebook ad

No text (does it need some…)

from Ads of the World forum members


Tzomet Sfarim Bookstore: Faceabook

Disconnect for a while. Read a book.

Advertising Agency: Brickman, Ramat Gan, Israel


Gold’s Gym: Facebook

What you leave out of Facebook, put it into Gold’s Gym.

Advertising Agency: jotabequ Grey, San José, Costa Rica


L.O. Organization: Faceless Facebook

Advertising Agency: ACW Grey, Israel


Maximidia Seminars: Vintage Facebook

Advertising Agency: Moma, Sao Paulo, Brazil


McDonald’s: Facebook Burger Deb8

Advertising Agency: Fjord, Cossette, Toronto, Canada


IKEA: Facebook Billygram

IKEA is celebrating 30 years of BILLY. And that’s a hell of a long time for a piece of furniture. The idea: Content changes – BILLY stays the same. Therefore we developed something special: a Facebook App called BILLYGRAM. Users were able to post animated messages written with BILLY storage racks on each other’s walls.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy&Mather Frankfurt, Germany


Vileda: Facebook

Really absorbent.
Advertising Agency: Publicitas Publicis S&S Guayaquil, Ecuador


Coca-Cola: Real Life “Like”

You may want to check out the video too.
Advertising Agency: Publicis E-dologic, Israel


Colgate Total Toothpaste: Facebook

    Improve your profile

Advertising Agency: Y&R Johannesburg, South Africa



from Ads of the World forum members


Buckler Beer: Facebook

Advertising Agency: Y&R, Puerto Rico


Kam Lock Chinese Restaurant: MySpace

MySpace. Facebook. We can barely figure out how to open our cash register. Traditional Chinese Cuisine. Cash Only.
Advertising Agency: VTSC (Visually Tasty Skillfully Crafted), Chicago, USA


SKY TG24: Marianna

    If you’re not on Facebook you don’t exist.
    When you have an opinion, are you sure it’s yours?
Advertising Agency: 1861 United, Milan, Italy


Facebook II

From Robinson Crusoe…

from Ads of the World forum members


Threadless T-Shirt Company

Advertised brand: Threadless T-Shirt Company
Advert title(s): Celebrity Spokesperson
Advertising School: Academy of Art University, San Francisco
Art Director/Illustrator: Mike Muench
Copywriter: Mike Muench


IDA Ireland: Facebook

    Facebook found a space for people who think in a certain way.
    It’s called Ireland.
    Ireland. Innovation comes naturally.

Advertising Agency: McConnells, Dublin, Ireland


Karma T-Shirt: Your ad here

     Your ad here, Your picture here, Your signature here
Karma is clothing and home accessories store which also offers customize t-shirt where customers can put whatever they want on the t-shirt. We use their T Shirt as the media.
Advertising Agency: Dentsu Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia


Telia: Facebook

    With Swedens best coverage (network), and not more than 9 Swedish crowns a day, you can reach internet wherever you are. Send the SMS SURF to 4466 to get started. This price is valid for mobile surf in Sweden.
Advertising Agency: Storåkers McCann, Stockholm, Sweden


Sony Ericsson C510 Cyber-shot: Status envy

Advertising Agency: iris


Honda: Everybody knows somebody who loves a Honda

The first installment of the Honda Brand campaign began in August when Honda launched its official Facebook page ( with a social-experiment application to recruit Honda fans to show how everyone knows someone who loves a Honda. Once users joined the social experiment, they could become a fan of Honda and a handful of specific Honda vehicles. As of early October, all current Honda vehicles now have fan pages too. Once users participated in the experiment, they see how they are connected to their friends, view a chain of friends in their Honda web, and find out just how long their chain extends around the world.

Advertising Agency: RPA, Santa Monica, CA, USA


McDonald’s Wifi

Ads to promote McDonald’s Wifi service
– Facebook with that?

from Ads of the World forum members


Dog Search Profile

This website advertisement hooks people eye with question
“Why dog search for Facebook Myspace Hi5 Flickr… ?”
the answer is :
because this web can do that like a dog.

from Ads of the World forum members


Wonderbra: Friends

Advertising Agency: Publicis Conseil, France

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