Basketball With A Golf Club

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What you see here is the future of sports, because Golf Club Basketball is only the begging. Soon there will be Baseball Bat Polo and Rugby Ball Soocer.

I am sorry but I had to remove the video from here, the embed code was not working.

That man you can see up there would make Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan jealous. If you ask me, combining to sports that have nothing to do with each other actually means making art. And for the very reason that we are watching this, that man did a great good to the humanity. Honestly, please ignore this lines, it’s nothing but random stuff I am writing down. Apparently, articles need to contain at least two hundred words in order to be published, so I am just trying to fill the gaps. So I repeat:just watch the clip and be amazed by that man’s awesome talent, instead of reading this. I only hope my article is going to be approved the mods and by this I want to thank them for taking their time to asses my article. Thank you so much!

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