How to Find Ideas For Articles


One good way to find subjects to write articles is to simply look around you carefully and see if you see anything that is worth writing about. Maybe you can’t see it, but your own bedroom, office or garden is a huge library of ideas.
          For example: right in front of you there is you computer. A computer is “made” of software and hardware, two things that may become subjects. Then, on the computer there are games and programs. So you can write tutorials on how to use them. Actually, every object is part of an endless twisted chain of brilliant ideas.


Lately events are a huge source of information and usually bring new ideas to exploit. News also raise the chances that your article is going to be read. Of course, except for astonishing events, the number of visitors is short-time only.
          Anyway, it is important that you choose the most attracting parts of the news, so you have increased chances to get visitors. Try to avoid topics such as politics, unless you are talking about an event of major importance.


It is one easy and exciting way to generate ideas. Just look around forums and online communities, follow their discussions and see what captures your interest. Read people’s replies, make you own opinion and instead of writing an answer there, you go on and make an article about that. Afterwards, you can post you link as an answer, generating visits. Try doing this especially on forums where you have already built a reputation and where members are interested in your opinions.


This is probably the the best way of generating income, but if you ask me, there is no fun in it. What you need to do is making reasearch about the most seeked keywords and than writing articles on those subjects. The first step is to enter GOOGLE KEYWORD TOOL and look for various words and how seeked they are. Of course, using high rated keywords brings higher competition, which is hard to face. Despite writing for pleasure, looking for the right subjects might take longer than writing the article.

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