In Search Of Paradise

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I just might be an authority on paradise because I live in one, both mentally and physically. I carved out a fantastic place to live, out of a desolate, swampy and foreboding area.

The above picture was at one time, a destroyed land from hurricane Floyd. A swampy area to the left, now overlooked by a pair of lions was blocked by fallen trees making the land useless and tangled.

It was impossible to walk anywhere that you can now see in this picture until, briars, dead and dying trees and huge vines were cleaned from the area. A little path became a bigger path and then a driveway. The driveway you see on the left was created after the land was put back into original shape. This land had been farmed somewhere back in history, more than sixty years ago, it was deserted and left to nature who began taking it back a year at a time. We can tell how long ago the land was once used by the fence embedded deep within one of the remaining trees. This huge dying red oak tree had to be removed, but it was not wasted. the tree was cut up into boards and made into furniture for my house. Yes, paradise has given me free furniture.

The land was sold to me for practically nothing as it was a neighborhood eyesore and needed to be cleaned up. It took years and lots of loving labor, but as you can see, it has been worth it.

This is what the land looks like now in the other direction from the lions in the first picture. I built the house several years after the land was cleared and dried out. Big delivery trucks used to get stuck in the sink holes right in front of where the house now stands. Yes, it took a lot of work. To the right is a fish stocked lake that now holds the water in one place, that used to be spread all over the land.

You can make you own paradise, it takes some doing, a lot of energy and I am sure as you can see, it is well worth it. I have also been inspired to wirte about paradise which you can see in the following book titles.

In Search Of Paradise fourth edition (April 2010)
A Beckoning From Paradise (2008)
Secrets Of Paradise (2008)
Paradise Is Where You Find It (2009)
Paradise Grows (2009)
Raised In Paradise (2009)
Indian Summer April (2010)
O’Bannon Castle Published in e-book and paperback  June (2010)

Sitting here in my second story library above an area that was once storm damaged and ravaged by time I get ideas for writing and want to offer a hope to anyone with a dream. You can make it happen.


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