Maximizing Online Earnings : Bukisa, Triond And Wikinut

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The best way to make more money writing online is to find new sites for multiple income streams. Though at first I started to write in Bukisa but gradually I started publishing more articles in different sites. Here are my top three sites that can help you to make more money from your articles.

Triond – This is the first site you must publish your new article as Triond only accepts original articles which are not published elsewhere. Once you got your article approved it’s time to move on.

Bukisa – After I published my Triond article I go to Bukisa to publish the same articles. Bukisa accepts articles which are published elsewhere but the only thing you must hold the copyright to it. Getting a Bukisa article approved takes only few hours , it is only in weekends that it may take upto 48 hours.

Wikinut – After publishing my articles on Bukisa I publish them on Wikinut. Wikinut is a cool new article publishing site. They share 50 % ad revenues generated from your articles. Getting your article approved generally takes 12 hours maximum 24 hours. Your articles are checked by moderators who are also users of Wikinut.

The Only Difference –

As I published more or less the same article on all three site the only thing that I alter are the tags or keywords. Keyword holds the key of getting traffic so I try to give new tags to every articles. Thus altering keywords can help you to make even more money. You need to do a lot of keyword research to place the correct tags. Google keyword tool and google trends are the place to be when searching for keywords.

Will It Affect My Search Engine Ranking

Many writers fear that publishing same article on different sites will make their content duplicate and will not be indexed by major search engines; this may lead to loss in earnings. But they forget the fact that your article relies more on inorganic traffic than organic traffic . You will get more page views or traffic within the site rather than from outside and your earnings will also depend on your promotions and not “solely” on search engines.

So publish more and earn more !

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