Flamenco – A Sensual Dance Expanding Over The Ages

If you are ever looking for a fresh source of entertainment and you notice there is Flamenco nearby, by all means go. Even if you have to go alone. You will be danced and dazzled beyond your senses.

Flamenco began in Andalucia, Spain when the Moors and Arabs were under oppression from the Catholic throne. It was a gritty, aggressive dance where dancers revealed their angst, hatred and pain. It was their outlet. Dancers stomped and clapped in repetitious rhythm as if they were stomping on the heads of their enemies.

It was never meant to be beautiful.

And dancers were never to look happy or as if they were enjoying themselves. At least, not professional ones. In the early part of the 20the century, during the time of the horrific Spanish Civil War, it was thought that only those with true gypsy or Gitano blood could really dance the dance and strum the guitar to Flamenco.

Some things have changed.                   

Dancers are beautiful. And sensuous. Even those that have no Gitano blood running through their veins have mastered the dance. There is still grit, and aggressive clapping and pounding of the feet. It is extremely artful.

Especially the choreographed flamenco ballet. You can find all different levels of the dance in Spain, especially in Seville, the reputed home of Flamenco. There are bars where amateur dance takes place, restaurants that serve dinner while the dancers dance. There is theatre where the traditional, most popular dances take place. The most memorable is the ballet.

The perfect setting comes in the gardens of the historic Alhambra Palace in Granada. Cypress trees surround the outdoor theatre beneath the August, golden moon. A warm breeze files in. Two thousand people are sent to silence by the violent tapping of the feet and rhythmic claps of the supporting team.

Frills and frills from the flamenco gown rustle and roll atop the wooden floor. The colors are lush and deep and shimmer. The waist of the dancer captivates, moving first one way and then another. Her hips roll from side to side. Her head moves sharply. She looks confident. Determined.

Every eye is truly on her as the crowd anticipates what will happen next.

Then it is over. Time to go. With the moments having gone by still fresh in the mind, blending all together, the crowd wonders when they will get to see it all again.

Flamenco. It is a stunning display of culture, art and a thing of beauty. If you ever get the chance to go. Go. By all means, go. Good fortune is smiling on you.

Written by Jori Sams-Freelance Writer-visit more creative works on her website SamSol Designs

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