Spm Examination Tips And Timetable 2010

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I have taken SPM examination too last time and i think it’s time to share my experience with all of you. If you are here only for the SPM timetable, kindly scroll down the page and click on the link!

It has been some time since i take SPM examination but i don’t think there is much different in the format of the examination.

For History paper, just remember to write whatever you know in the essay part. Just write it down even though you are not sure about it as you will be awarded marks whenever your answer is correct and no marks will be deducted if your answer is wrong. Don’t waste time thinking of writing it or not, just write whatever you know. If you have no idea on what to write, just remember to choose a question which is asking for cause or effect. Whenever these questions appear, lady luck is on your side. Write something about politics, economy and social there. For your information, everything regarding cause and effect in your History book is about Politic (Power), Economy (Money) and Social (Status).

For the moral, just remember all the definition of all Nilai as they are the guarantor for your success. After memorising all of them, learn to break them into 2 parts. Ask your teacher to teach you this as this is skills which is hard to be explained here.

For Math, just read more examples and try more different types of question. Nothing much to elaborate on that.

Guess that all advice and tips that i am going to give today,

For your information i got 7A+, 2A and 1A- in my SPM examination. Though it is not a briliant result, but these advice is based on my experience.

Here’s the link of the website which you can get the timetable, click on it!



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