Ways to Curb The Rise of Abandoned Babies!

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In order to overcome this problem, sex education should be implemented in school. As a complement to teenager physical and mental changes which occur during puberty, sex education could be a remedy to this social menace by answering all their questions regarding sex. With proper guidance from a professional, they would be able to react to the changes positively. Thus, teenage pregnancy would be reduced and the same goes to the number of abandoned babies. With this information, teenagers will be able to handle this situation in a positive manner in case they were pregnant. They should realize the fact that being pregnant in the early adulthood is not the end of everything as there are many agencies which is established to help them. On the other hand, it will be the end of their life, when they abandon their babies as it is a serious offence which could lead to life-time prisoning.

On top of that, all couples should be given proper education and information before they were married. They must be taught on how to handle a marriage and how to handle stress in a house. As communication is the key to building a harmony and lively family, they must learn how to communicate. A counselor should be provided to every couple in our nation to carry out this divine duty. The counselor is going to provide them with proper information and knowledge whenever necessary. Thus, they will be able to settle their family issue in a proper way. Even if any unfortunate event happens, they would be able to overcome it in a proper manner and not with the foolish and cruel action, abandoning their babies.

The issue of abandoned babies has raised the concern of many parties and this shall not be tolerated anymore. If this problem prolongs, they are going to be a menace to our society and our nation. We must act now! Every child, who might change the world in the future, has the right to live once they were sent to Earth by our divine creator.


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