What Are The Common Causes Of Female Hair Loss?

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It may be uncommon for women to go completely bald but at some point in time, most women do experience hair loss. The causes of hair loss vary from one woman to another but the most common causes for hair loss can be hormonal changes, diet, medicates, stress, severe infection and too much hairstyling.

Severe Stress and Trauma

Most women suffer hair loss after going through traumatic experiences. Severe infection and extreme stress often lead to massive hair loss in some women. Studies show that both men and women may start heavily shedding off hair after a couple weeks following a severely stressful incident and the hail loss may continue for a few weeks. Women rarely experience baldness but men tend to lose most of their hair and go bald. Fortunately, once the effects of the severe stress subside, hair loss may stop and new hairs start to grow.

Pregnancy and Childbirth

A lot of women experience hair loss a few weeks or months after giving birth. During pregnancy, women experience hormonal changes that prevent women from shedding off hair but after delivery, the female hormone return to normal which allows certain amount of hair to fall out at once. Generally, hair loss after pregnancy peaks after 3 to 4 months from giving birth and despite the fact that some women may loss a lot of hair during this period, this situation is not a cause for alarm since post partum hair loss is temporary. In fact, most women grow back their hair within 6 to 12 months after giving birth.

Excessive Hair Styling

Too much styling, pulling and tight braiding weaken the hair foundation causing severe hair loss in some women. To avoid losing their hair, women should spend less time in the saloon and style their hair only when it is absolutely needed.


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