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Yogurt is used both in the east and west as an inevitable part of many dishes. It is used for preparing drinks. It is used as marinade. It is added to the main dish such as rice. Yogurt can be used in various ways added with various components. Strawberry yogurt is a very tasty one with very few ingredients. Another special feature of this dish is that it is easy and simple to prepare.

Ingredients needed for strawberry yogurt

1) Yogurt                     -2liters

2) Ripe strawberries    -1/2 kilo

3) Sugar (powdered)     -one or two cups

Method of preparation

Hang yogurtfor 4 to 5 hours, better it is done overnight. Discard the whey or the water substance in the yogurt. Process the butter-like yogurt in a blender and mix until it becomes smooth. Then keep it in a large mixing bowl.

Wash the strawberries well hull and wipe them dry. Keep 10 strawberries separately. Take the remaining strawberries and put them in the blender to puree them until they also become very smooth. When it is blended smooth pour it into the bowl containing yogurt and add sugar and stir well. Taste and add sugar if necessary. Then blend it well until it gets the pink color uniformly.

Now slice the strawberries you have kept for later use longitudinally and arrange them nicely along the sides of the yogurt bowl. You may keep the slices on the top also. Now the tasty strawberry yogurt is ready for use.

This yogurt mix can be used as a milkshake, which will definitely entertain the guests. It can be used straight. Try this with other desserts.


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