How to Make a Good Resume

The purpose of a resume is to give your possible employer a quick summary of you, The key word is quick. Your resume should be simple and fit on one page. Simple does not mean bland. You want your resume to grab your possible employers attention, be unique and add your own person style to it while making sure it stil stays simple and easy to follow. At the top of your resume should be your name and contact information. Make sure your contact information is correct or your possible employer won’t be able to contact you. Your resume should include your hobbys, work experience, and achievements. Only put recent achievements on your resume. You should also list at least three references your possible employer can contact (so include their contact information) to ask about you from another person’s point of view. Make sure your references know that you put them as references so they don’t get any surprise calls. You should never put a family member as a contact! Your possible employer knows your family will say good things about you just to get you the job =P. Before you turn in your resume make sure you correct ALL mistakes. If you have mistakes on your resume it makes you look lazy and unorganized, which are bad qualities to have when you are trying to get a job. I hope this helps you. Thanks for reading =).
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