10 Problems Doctors Can't Cure

1. Fibromyalgia

2. Irritable Bowel Syndrome

3. Restless Leg Syndrome

4. Gall Stones

5. Cancer

6. Colds

7. Influenza

8. Depression


10. Chronic Fatique Syndrome

This is by no means a complete list of human issues that doctors cannot cure, but they are some of the more obvious ones. Even western medicines experts admit they have no cures for these ailments. Yet, even with no cure, they continue to pump people full of pharmaceuticals.

There are some major reasons why modern medicine can never find a true cure for these ailments. To keep things short, let’s go over the important factors. Firstly, modern medicine works only to treat the physical issues and symptoms. It doesn’t do anything to heal the mind or the spirit, which are not separate from the physical self, and so cannot be ignored or denied when true healing is sought.

Another essential aspect, is that modern medicine would make virtually no money if they actually worked to heal a person. This is often why you are sent home after a doctors visit, so that you’ll come back in and pay for another trip to treat the same issue. Pharmaceutical companies are worse, as they are the real money mongerers, and work to make sure that the “cure” is worse than the original issue, so that you’ll continue to “need” them.

The third large aspect to why doctors will never be able to cure these and many other ailments, is because physical medicine is only supposed to be complimentary, not primary. True healing exists in each one of us, and when we are not regulating that part of ourselves, it manifests in the physical and mental body. You can’t expect to reach true healing when you are dependent on a science that only looks at one aspect of you.

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