Weapons From The Dark Ages

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The Dark Ages were a time of War and Power. As I’m sure you know, back then they didn’t have guns, tanks, or airplanes so warfare was much different. Here are SOME of the weapons and their information. I apologize for not being able to show pictures =(

Bow: The bow was the only ranged weapon back then. It was used by notching a arrow from your quiver (a pouch used to hold arrows) and pulling back. You would then release the arrow at your target impaling them.

Broadsword: Broadswords were large 2 handed swords. You had to be tough to weild one of these behemoths with skill.

Flail: A Flail had a long handle that had a chain coming off the top attaching to a large spiked ball.

Mace: The Mace was like a Flail but the spikey ball was directly attached to the handle, instead of on a chain.

Scimitar: This was a curved sword (it’s the sword pirates commonly use)

Battle Axe: A Battle Axe was a large 2 headed axe.

Dagger: Daggers are small swords (slightly larger then a knife) used in assasinations usually.

Kris: A Kris was a short wavy sword not commonly weilded.

Hammer: Believe it or not they actually used giant blunt hammers to try and crush their opponents skull.

Longsword: The Longsword was what it’s name says it is…a long sword.

Lance: Lances were long round weapons with a sharp point used in jousting.

Pike: A Pike was a lonk wooden stick with a metal point at the end.

Halberd: A Halberd was like a Pike but instead of a spike it had a curved blade at the end.

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