Living The Single Life

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Living The Single Life

Is it good to be single?

I read this post sometime ago in facebook. It’s supposed to be a funny observation about singles:

Symptoms of a Certified Single:

  • Likes to eat
  • Has a great social life
  • Knows all night life spots and mall sales
  • Rich with sleeps
  • Gadget addict
  • Always group messages quotes in his cell-phone
  • Smiles even when alone
  • Getting fat
  • Fashionable to the max
  • Looks happy even if not really.

I smiled when I read it, but it also gave me a serious thought, because I myself lived the single life. I realized: living the single life is not something to laugh about, be sad about, or be sarcastic about. It’s neither something to be taken for granted, but rather, appreciated and celebrated, although, living the single life is NOT THAT EASY.

It’s Not Easy Being Single:

In family events for instance, singles often feel out of place during conversations about starting a family or the married life. What singles do during these times is to just keep silent in a corner, accepting and understanding their situation that this too, is part of the struggles of living the single life.

And then there’s the worst thing that singles have to deal with – the negative stereotyping. We have to admit, a lot of people often think unpleasantly or suspiciously against singles. For instance, some people think that singles are too choosy in finding their partners, or that singles are not caring or loving enough to stay in a relationship. Other people also think that singles have trouble committing. Hence, singles are often thought and pitied for being stuck in a rut. On the other hand, we should also think that living the single life could be A CHOICE for a person, and a GOOD CHOICE at it.

Living the Single Life is a Gift:

Living the single life could mean to be God’s special gift of living. It’s could be seen as a positive stage in one’s life when he or she could grow and experience life at its best – a rich time in your life that God has given for you to experience more friendships and appreciate God’s love fully as you live the single life.

How to Live the Single Life Positively:

One misleading connotation to the life of being single is that it means sexual freedom. However, living the single life doesn’t mean a search for lust, but rather, a search for love. Casual sex with multiple partners or outside of a committed relationship is simply not the life of the ideal single.

What the single searches for, and what all humans search for, is genuine love; and singles don’t have to use sex just to feel close to someone again, or just to fill up the void or loneliness in living the single life. God has given singles all the opportunity to date or create more friendships for the pure pleasure of companionship and shared human experiences – genuine love.

The Search for Love for Singles Could Never Be Frustrating:

Singles may search but not find love in a partner, but he or she may find love in his or her friends. Living the single life simply gives you more time and opportunity to connect more with friends and even make new acquaintances. One of the greatest advantages of living the single life is the gift of friendship and love.

 And then there’s the best thing of all in the life of being single: singles have the time of their lives to experience God’s love fully. This is the greatest gift one can receive.

The Greatest Love of All:

All people have been uniquely created and loved by God – all people – including singles. Being “single” doesn’t really mean “flying solo” because, singles would always have God and are always loved by God. The single life is the perfect time to realize this. As you live the single life, you will come to appreciate more of God’s love and realize that there’s no one else you need but God. We all hope to find the same thing – and that’s love – and God is the best love that we could have.

 How to Live the Single Life Peacefully:

Still at times we feel lonely. It’s not easy being single, but remember, first God gives us peace, especially during times when we are lonely. Everyone experiences loneliness sometimes – everyone – not just singles. But what matters most is that God gives us peace.

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. Do not let your hearts be troubled. – John 14:27

You Should Believe in Yourself:

Although most of the time singles feel a lot of nagging self doubts, this only happens when we stop believing in ourselves.

If you believe in God, you also have to believe in yourself, and follow the Apostle Paul’s example of contentment.

Being happy and content with ourselves being single means facing the bad days and then truly enjoying the good ones. Always focus on the positive, on the good things we do have as singles.

God Will Give Us What We Need:

In the life of being single, it also helps to notice that God always knows what we need and that He’s always there to provide for us.

God Has a Plan for Us:

God always knows what is best for us. He has a special plan for each and every one of us. Your single life may just be a temporary state or, it could be permanent. Either way, being single and happy is something to be fully accepted according to God’s will. So go ahead and celebrate the single life! – Because it’s for the best – It’s meant to be.

(c) Ae Dechavez

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