Phisoderm Anti-Blemish Gel Facial Wash Review

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Phisoderm anti-blemish gel facial wash is another cleanser that fights acne. This product also promises to restore ph balance to the user’s facial skin. According to label, it contains 2 percent salicylic acid, water, fragrance and many other ingredients. The price might vary state to state, but it should always be less than $6. But is it worth buying?

I bought this gel cleanser out of curiosity despite the fact it had a low price and overall shape of bottle made it look like a cheap product. Just like before, I came home and tested it. I simply massaged my face with the gel and then used a napkin to take it off. The result was extremely surprising. The gel completely took off all the stubborn foundation and eyeliner I was wearing. If you are buying this product I recommend that you do this same test. Now what about the other promise it made? Does it really restore ph balance? The answer is yes. The drying effect is not felt. As for acne, the gel does shrink them into smaller sizes. Yet it must be mentioned that the zits do not disappear overnight and thus the gel use must be continued. One best thing about Phisoderm anti-blemish gel facial wash is that its scent is enchanting and stays in the hands and face for many long hours.

Overall, the product lives up to its promises. Its low price is a good blessing for all those who wish to fight acne, but on budget. However, at stores it is easy to escape this product because of its tiny size and mysteriously average look. So makers should come up with a more attractive bottle for it.  Phisoderm anti-blemish gel facial wash basically has all the qualities to create millions of loyal users. I would simply give it all 5 stars. 


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