What Are The Major Differences Between Kettlebell Weights And Dumbbell Weights?

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When many people hear the word kettlebell weights, they normally wonder what in the world these things are and if they are the same thing as dumbbells! Well, kettlebell weights do look a lot like dumbbells, however, the shape is extremely different once you get down to the nitty gritty of it!

Dumbbells are often very proportioned and kettlebell weights aren’t! In fact, this is a good thing because it makes the person using the weights work harder and activate all those small muscle tissue you generally do not use when you exercise in a more traditional way.

One of the favorite things about kettlebell weights is that they exercise your ab muscles much more than something like a dumbbell would which is a great relief to lots of people nowadays because we all seemed to have gained a pound or two. Since these do have a handle on them, some people would even make use of them to do push-ups also. It’s been referred to as The Perfect Pushup! In fact if you look around on the market these days you will find several balls with handles on them to use for this exact practice.The kettlebell seems to work a little better though because of the weight distribution.

A nice way to imagine a kettle bell is to consider a cannonball (size and color) with a handle. Most of the traditional weights used today don’t allow for “swing” movements and the kettlebell does. These bells allow for a variety of kettlebell exercises like Leg Rear Dead lift, Double Kettlebell Front Squat, Tactical Lunge, and an exercise referred to as the Pistol Squat. All of these kettlebell exercises can be found right online. Actually, there are few web sites online which would not just give you a variety of kettlebell exercises, but they even may show you illustrations or videos on the way to do these kettlebell workouts as well.

I’m a big visualizer, so I could always do something better or the correct way if I could actually see how it’s being done and what I ought to be copying! Also, these websites that teach you about kettlebell exercises and kettlebell workouts even would aid you buy kettlebells and find kettlebells for sale. These are becoming more and more popular, however, sometimes they are still hard to find so it’s nice to have somebody aid you out with that!


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