A Look at Online Dating

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Who says you cannot find true love at the comfort of your home?  Well with the advent of the internet everything is possible even while eating pizza and drinking beer.  One way of finding love in the World Wide Web is through online dating.  This allows single from all over the world with internet connection to meet online in hopes of finding friends, romantic relationships etc. You can start by joining a dating site it can be free or a paid membership. You will be asked to set up a personal profile that members can check out. If they like what they see chances are they’re going to communicate with you and if things went pretty well it could be a start of great things for your social and love life online and can eventually lead to real life romance.

At first look, it almost sounded quite simple. Nevertheless, like any other social communication and interaction online dating have its pros and cons. One of the major pros of online dating is you have more options and these options are actually interested in finding a romantic partners. Since you could browse and check the profile of the members, you could choose who among the members could be most compatible to you but of course, since it is the internet you need to be careful of those who lie about their personal information. There are those who pretend to be single but then it also happens even off line. There is always a certain risk involved and yes disappointment is just around the corner but so is love.

Online dating is also relatively inexpensive compare to the traditional dating and rejection on a first date can be painful especially if you are the one who paid for the food. 

Of course beside the lies you need to filter out there are also people who think that if you consciously look for love online you are bordering on desperation. People do not want to be branded as desperate but there is nothing wrong in trying all possible venues to find what you are looking for. It is worse if you think could find love just sitting on your couch watching TV… well there is always the postman.

You should also ask yourself if you are not isolating yourself from the world. It is unhealthy if you spend your time just doing online dating since the point really is to have all alternatives tested and explored. Online dating will also not hide your lack of social skill well not forever since at a certain point you will need to meet your online prospect that is if you are really serious on finding love. If you are just bored or lonely, just play online games or better yet go out with friends.

So if you are asking yourself should I try online dating? Just weigh all the online dating pros and cons and after you have decided to test the water just make sure to join trusted sites and always keep an open mind and heart.


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