Why Should I Invest in Stock Market?

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There are two ways to earn money, work for it or make your money work for you. The first way is relatively simple, find a job and get your salary at the end of the month. The second one is invests it. One way to invest money is through stock market, but why should you invest in Stock Market?

Well there are three rationale for stock investing: (1) make money (2) easier access to funds and (3) ownership in the company.

The most obvious and the main goal is to make money, investors in the stock market make money through dividends (profits paid by the company to its investors) and capital appreciation (increase in the market price of your initial assets). Another advantage is you can easily access your funds, there is no minimum amount of investments, you can always cash in and out anytime you want. Third, you become owner of the company or a stockholder. As a stockholder, you have the right to vote, the right to inspect book and records of the company, right to information and of course the right to receive dividends.

            It can be tricky at first, but reaching financial success always involves a certain amount of risk.


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