How Can I Make Money Online?

While some website owners do get lucky, and make a popular site that makes them a million dollars practically overnight, for the vast majority of people, there are no ways to make money quickly online.

There are a few main ways to make money online. The first, and most obvious way to make money online, is to build a website that gives people what they want, by either selling something, or advertising on pages that get a lot of traffic.

You may not be an expert website designer, but you could always pay someone to do it for you, if they weren’t too busy spending the millions of dollars they had made from their own successful websites.

The next way to make good money online is affiliate marketing, or marketing. You can sell products through sites like Clickbank, and Amazon, but unless you can convince people to shop with you, rather than directly on Amazon, you may find it hard to sell anything.

I did some free video guitar lessons on HubPages, and put some Amazon ads for electric guitars on the page, but I found it hard enough to just be found in a Google search, let alone sell lots of guitars. Too much competition to make money online that way.

You can sell items on Ebay, but again, there are people doing that to death. I tried filling out surveys, and they exploit people for the most part, I was making about six bucks an hour.

The only real way I can make money online, or build a good residual income, is article writing. I have been writing articles for over a year now, and I have hundreds of articles, on a few different article writing sites.

I write on HubPages, which has good options for making money from the ads on your page by Google Adsense, Amazon, Ebay, etc, but it has no referral program.

I write on Triond, which has the option of putting Google Adsense on the page, but only offers a 10% commission on your referral’s earnings.

I have found that the best way to make money online is with Bukisa. Bukisa has a competitive pay per click rate, ($3.22 US per thousand clicks), and a generous three level referral program. You get a 25% commission on your first level referral’s article earnings, then a 5% commission on their referral’s article earnings, and 1% on the third level.

You could build a good residual income over many years just by writing your own articles everyday, but the real way to make money with Bukisa is to post your referral link in your articles, and everywhere online, and if you have four first level referrals working as hard as you do, you not only make double the money, but you make even more when they start getting referrals of their own, and so on.

I have over sixty referrals, growing at a rate of one or two a day, which is a number that is itself growing, and my residual income is steadily rising in an upward curve. It is totally free to join, and you will make money with Bukisa if you put in some work.

If you join as my referral, from the link below, I will be teaching you search engine optimization, and referral finding strategies, so you can repeat my success on my second and third levels of referral.

You can make more money doing this, over time, than any other job you could do, online, or off, because your articles stay online indefinitely, getting more clicks, and the amount of referrals you could get is unlimited.


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