The Most Romantic Thing to do in Venice

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Float underneath bridges, alongside cafes, by tourists and local Ventians and through the vibrant Venetian streetscape as your singing gondolier sweeps you down the Grand Canal for a gondola ride you’ll never forget. A relaxing Venice gondola ride reveals all the beauty that is Venice.

The magic of this unique city will come alive as you glide by gondola down the shimmering Grand Canal and turn down inner canals spanned by small bridges that make up a labyrinth of land and water. Gondolas have been a tradition in Venice for centuries. At first, they were used to transport goods through the narrow canals of Venice, today gondolas are primarily used for tourism and ceremonial functions. Taking a gondola ride in Venice gives you a completely different perspective of the city than exploring it on foot. The ideal time for a gondola ride in Venice is later in the day when the waterways are less crowded with other boats.

A gondola ride along the Venice’s Grand Canal is believed to be one of the most romantic experiences in the world. Two people can fit snugly in the seat at the back and enjoy the sights along the Grand Canal.

Having a gondolier propel your gondola down the Venetian canals while humming beautiful Italian songs is and unforgettable experience. On your romantic gondola ride you will pass stunning buildings, historic churches and cozy cafes that make Venice so beautiful.

Unfortunately, the gondoliers often attempt to run a variety of scams. The rule of thumb in Venice is that a gondola should be painted black and that the gondolier should have been born in Venice to have learned the techniques and trades of being a true gondolier.

You must still decide to go through with a romantic gondola ride, despite the scams. Seek out the Tronchetto, or the Piazzale Roma to the Ponte di Rialto and the Doge’s Palace. At any one of these places, you will usually run into gondoliers that offer that special Venetian experience.

The price of a gondola ride in Venice varies. The price for 50 minutes is usually €70. However, these so-called official rates are not usually followed, so you will most probably end up paying €100. This doesn’t even guarantee you the promised 50-minute gondola ride. The price might increase if you ask the gondolier to perform a song. This occurs because gondoliers invest a large amount of money in their gondolas. It costs about €20,000 for a hand-built wooden gondola that can last up to 20 years. Aside from having to make a profit off of their investment, their means of living is also relatively higher, as living in Venice can be quite costly.


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