Steps to Create a Medical Practice Marketing Plan

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If you want to effectively use marketing techniques for your medical practice, it is not good to just be haphazard about it. The strategies that you employ will not be effective if you just “wing it,” or follow the common trends that you hear about, or copy what your competitors are doing to promote their brand.

For your advertising thrust to be effective, it is crucial that you develop a medical practice marketing plan. The marketing plan enables you to form a framework that you use as a guide when choosing the steps to improve your medical practice.

Of course, not everyone is knowledgeable about forming marketing strategies and the like. Because of this lack of skill or knowledge in marketing, many firms are having trouble with forming a good medical practice marketing plan. That is why it is important to remember what the proper steps are.

The usual steps for making a medical practice marketing plan revolve around these three topics:

Situational analysis

The primary action that you need to take when coming up with a medical practice marketing plan is to study your current situation. This means that you learn both the internal and external happenings in your company. This implies analyzing your own capabilities and services, what your competitors are doing, your target market, as well as the current market environment.

By doing this, you will know the different features where you can base your marketing strategies. You will know which services to highlight as well as which things you would need to improve. Of course, the caveat is that you have to be very honest in your analysis to provide accurate data.

Goal setting

After realizing what the current situation is, the next step is to set concrete goals which you want your medical practice marketing plan to achieve. When doing goal setting, you must ensure that the milestones that you set are specific, measurable, achievable and relevant. By making your goals set to these standards, you can know when you are going off course in trying to reach them.

Selecting strategies

The final step of your medical practice marketing plan must be determining the kind of marketing techniques you want to use in order to reach your goals. It must cover the broad scope of your plans such as what kind of media to use, or whether to utilize online marketing through web sites, as well as the more detailed information such as knowing what kinds of designs or articles to come up with to market your practice.

After being able to formulate a marketing plan, the remaining step is to just start following it and acting upon it. If you find that you have some troubles in doing the plan or making the necessary actions, you should consider getting some outsourced medical marketing assistance.


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