Air Force Football

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I’m lucky I live in Colorado because I can attend Air Force football.

The drive from Denver to Colorado Springs from my house is about a one hour’s drive. Colorado Springs is were the Air Force academy is if you did not not that already. Its about 50 miles south of Denver, Colorado.

I’ve been going for many years and attend around two to three games a year with a family member or two. The crowds normally fill up the stadium and it’s a joy to watch all the young men in uniform do push ups every time the Air force Falcons make a touch down.

Upon entry into the Air Force base on display are a variety of air planes. See picture.


Take a look at some pictures of the stadium.


You can’t describe the feeling you get when the national anthem is played and every game there is a fly over of airplanes. Each game will have different planes fly over depending on the event or time of year. You may also have the young cadets parachute into the stadium or old Air Force officers parachute.


At half time there are bands, someone who is in charge of the falcon mascot shows the audience how the falcon retrieves food and a flying display is presented for all to enjoy.

The games themselves are fast paced and exciting.


If you come to Colorado don’t miss out on visiting the Air Force Academy and maybe you’ll be lucky and catch a game before you leave.

I myself was with the 355th Combat Support Wing TAC (Medic) from 73-78.


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