How to Make a Free International Call

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Making international calls can be expensive, but with so much competition between companies for customers, there are some pretty good deals out there. There are many companies that let you try their service for free. If you would like to try one out, and make a free call to just about anywhere in the world, just follow these simple few steps.

  • Open your internet browser.
    Enter in the address bar. It will take you to the VoipBuster website.
  • In the bottom right hand corner, you will see a section labelled “Make a FREE trial call”. In the top rectangle, enter the phone number of the phone you want to use to make the call.
    The number has to be in the following format:
    +(country code)(area code)(phone number).
    For example, if you live in the USA and have an area code 619 with phone number 555-1234, this is what you need to enter: +1 619 5551234. The numbers need not be separated by spaces.
  • Enter the destination phone number in the bottom rectangle, in the same format. Remember to start with a + sign, then country code, area code followed by the phone number.
  • Your phone should start ringing. Pick up the phone and wait for the other party to answer.
  • Using the free call, you call will be limited to about 10 minutes, but you can repeat the process a number of times before they ask you to sign up.

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