Complete Chest Workout to do at Home- Without Equipment!

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The only pectoral (chest) workout most people do at home without equipment is a simple push-up. You can get defined pecs by training different angles and adding intensity.This is a complete chest workout you can do at home in under ten minutes!

While push-ups are a great chest workout, they don’t train the angles and only certain areas of the chest do all the work. To train three different angles on your pectoral muscles using weights, you could use a superset (two or more exercises performed back-to-back with minimal or no rest between). It would look something like this:

Barbell incline bench press at 35º angle.

10-15 second rest/stretch.

Barbell incline bench press 15º angle.

10-15 second rest/stretch.

Barbell flat bench press.

The same priniples would apply to a workout not using weights. To design a workout without using weights or equipment I substituted push-ups with feet elevated in place of the barbell incline bench press. The workout would look something like this:



Push-ups with feet elevated 30 to 45 inches.

10-15 second rest/stretch.

Push-ups with feet elevated 12 to 24 inches.

10-15 second rest/stretch.

Simple push-ups.



Push-ups with feet elevated.

If this is your first time doing this move you may have a difficult time getting your feet up and holding your form but it won’t take much practice. If you can perform less than five repetitions then you should probably do regular push-ups first for a few weeks or try lower elevations.

There are many sturdy objects in your home you can use to place your feet on to perform feet-elevated push-ups: Dining chairs, barstools, foot-stools or sofa arms are good heights, play with different heights and stick with the ones that feel right. You should feel your pectoral muscles, shoulders and triceps.

The push-ups performed with your feet at a higher elevation are more difficult than the push-ups at lower elevations. You start with the most difficult first but because your chest muscles don’t have much time to recover; you will only be able to do as many repetions with the easier, lower push-ups as with the higher-elevated push-ups.

Simple Push-ups.

This is the final exercise and is meant to finish off. After this final set you will feel like you have just completed a full chest workout at the gym!

This workout can be incorporated into most programs if you feel your chest is lagging and you want an extra boost without taking the time to go to the gym. I wouldn’t recommend doing this workout every day, let your muscles fully recover before repeating.

Thank-you for reading this article, if you have any questions please leave a comment.

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