Weight Loss Motivation: Five Ways to Stay Focused

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1)  Food: Enjoy your daily meals with a glass of water to help keep your body hydrated, joints limber, and digestive system running smoothly. Also, eat enjoyable meals while monitoring portion control. For example, you can eat a plate of pasta with meatballs and tomato sauce but only use a small plate.  (Check with a qualified nutrition specialist to help you with caloric intake).

2)  Partner: Have a partner to help with your weight loss. You can establish a convenient meeting time and enjoy walking, running, or swimming. He/she can give you the motivation to stay with a specific exercise routine when you feel tired or uninterested in completing your exercise routines.

3) Pictures: Keep a picture of yourself near your bed, in the living room, or at work. It acts as a reminder of your desired weight loss goals. Use a picture from five years ago and one from now. Also, you may want to have a picture taken wheile you exercise to give extra motivation.

4) Time: You should decide on a best time to exercise after checking with your health care provider. For instance, you may want to exercise early in the morning before family, school, and work obligation. Meanwhile, you may have to schedule time in the evening if your day starts early.  

5) Write: Keep a record of motivational goals. For instance, you may want to run a 26.2 marathon and decide to start with 5K walks or runs while giving yourself reasonable time frames for completion. As you write down your dieting and exercise goal, keep in mind that weight loss does not happen overnight.


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