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NIVEA – Cooling After Sun Spray


Nivea after sun spray helps cool your skin and sooth it after it has been exposed to the sun. It is particularly helpful if you have gotten sunburnt as it helps restore your damaged skin. The Aloe Vera soothes the skin, whereas the Provitamin B5 and Vitamin E helps repair your skin and store lost moisture. This will help make your skin be in better condition and protect against premature skin ageing due to sun damage.


I have very fair skin and burn easily, so I decided to buy aftersun as I am in the sun a lot and was anticipating the worst. Thank goodness, so far on my travels I have only been burnt badly once so I was very thankful of having this product. I will stress to anyone who is going to be exposed to the sun for long periods of time to cover up (wear lose clothing), put on a hat (covering your ears and neck), wear suncream (with a high UV factor), wear sunglasses and stand in the shade as much as possible. This product should only have to be used if all else fails. Skin cancers are on the rise especially in Australia (Queensland) where I am currently living and in some cases it can be prevented. In some places around the world it only takes a few minutes to burn and you never realised that you are burnt until it’s too late.


The aftersun comes in a light blue plastic bottle which has the Nivea logo on it and in blue writing it tells you what the product it. There is a dark blue cap. It has a spray pump so you can spray the aftersun onto your sunburn without having to touch the burn. A cap goes over the spray nozzle, it is also dark blue. This is to help protect the nozzle from getting dirt onto it. As the bottle is plastic it is waterproof even the labels are waterproof so even if it fell into water it would not be damaged. This is great if you plan to take it to the swimming pool or beach.

On Amazon it costs 11.29 pounds for a 200ml bottle of this aftersun which personally I think is expensive.


To use spray onto areas which had sun exposure and smooth evenly. Make sure to avoid contact with eyes as it will sting and burn them. If contact occurs with eyes rinse immediately. You can either spray it directly to the area which has been sunburnt and avoid having to smooth it in it its too painful or spray over your body and rub in. Make sure you shake the bottle well before use.

The product itself is white when it’s sprayed but clear once rubbed into your skin. It has a pleasant smell which is of Aloe Vera. It seems watery to me but that may be because it’s a spray and only small amounts are being sprayed on each time. If it was a lotion it would be thicker I would imagine.

It cools the skin instantly when sprayed on (sometimes making me jump it’s so cold compared to my skin) and it absorbs quickly. However it only absorbs properly if you put very little on and even then your skin can be sticky which means your clothes will stick to you. I would advise you to use it at the end of the day when you don’t plan to go back out into the sun. When you get burnt (if you are like me) you tend to put the aftersun on very generously. If this is the case don’t expect it to absorb as it wont. I have put some on burns on my shoulder (I have to admit it was a lot) and it hadn’t absorbed by the morning. I think I put on too much but as it cools your skin so well I kept putting it on to cool my burns more and more.


I have found this product better than others as it has a spray nozzle on it and it means that I could spray it on my burns and never have to touch them causing me further discomfort. You can spray it roughly over large surface areas and rub it in. It moisturises your skin making it feel softer and smoother. Also it has a great cooling effect however it does ware off after about 5-10 minutes and you do find yourself putting more and more on so you feel your skin getting cooler instead of heating up.

The only downside is that it makes your skin feel sticky and feel that you need to have a shower especially if you have used a lot of it. It wont stop your skin from being damaged it can only help repair itself once the damage has been done. I do like the smell of the product but it can make your skin feel greasy. I never like getting sunburnt but if I do think this is a great product to help ease the pain and cool down the sunburn as well as moisturising your skin too.

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