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If you’re looking to make extra money online from home, it’s important to find a way of earning money that is not in conflict with your current commitments, circumstances and lifestyle. The internet has created many different ways you can make extra money from home. From running your own ecommerce store to getting involved in internet marketing, there are so many things you can do to earn extra money on the internet.

With that being said, there are all kinds of opportunities for earning extra cash. There is plenty of information on the internet to help you find out what to do. In general terms, they can be divided into two categories; selling services or selling products. You’ll need to become clear on what you wish to sell, how you wish to sell it.

1. Selling Products

If your desire is to sell products, the question is how and what will you be selling. Do you wish to sell product that can be downloaded like software or e-books? Or do you wish to sell physical items that need to be delivered?

Do you want to be responsible for locating and delivering the products? Or would you be more comfortable as an affiliate and simply receive a commission for referring customers to a merchant’s products or services? Would you like to run your own website or would you prefer to establish your own ecommerce store. You may also prefer to participate in the hustle and bustle of the eBay marketplace and sell your goods there?

2. Selling Services

In order to make extra money online selling services, you have to know where your potential customers are and how to reach them? One great source of business postings and contacts are the popular freelance sites like There you’ll find yourself competing with many other service providers, often all bidding for the same work. Don’t bid to high, but stay reasonably priced in your field of expertise. Sometimes the bidding for jobs is so competitive that the going rate is much less than what the job is actually worth.

How will you compete and stand out against all these others? There are other places where you can offer your services to make extra money. Offer to do work for real-world

(brick and mortar) businesses. You can approach your local businesses and offer your services to them. You might be surprised to see how many will need the services that you offer. The services that you offer might also include performing work online for brick-and-mortar businesses such as helping them achieve higher search engine rankings, designing websites for them, and use the internet to perform research (spy on competition) for them.

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