How to Have an Affordable Romantic European Vacation

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We all dream of a romantic week in Paris, but not many of us can actually afford it. It is very expensive, not only to fly to Paris and find accommodation, but to survive once there. It can make the stay less enjoyable when we see that the tourists are paying high prices for everything. The people are not the friendliest with tourists either. There is an alternative to Paris, a city that offers the beauty, romance, history and also friendliness and affordability. The city of Budapest in Hungary, is where we can find many of those things we jet off to Paris for and sometimes more. Budapest has beautiful castles, parks, shops, restaurants and so much more. A visit to this beautiful city will let you enjoy magnificent scenery, dine like a king, be met with friendly faces, soak in elegant natural hot spas and even offer you incredibly affordable trips to other parts of Europe with all inclusive packages from some travel shops. A visit to Budapest will not leave you disappointed, but yearning to go back for more. If you really want that visit to Paris, you can always travel Air France and make a day stopover in Paris.

  • Visit a travel agent or check prices online for airfare. Yahoo and cheapfares websites will search for lowest priced tickets. Out of season is always cheaper. Budapest has lovely weather from late March through end of September.
  • Youth hostels in Budapest offer a great way to find affordable accommodation. You can find youth hostel listings on many different websites. If you travel during the summer, it may be a good idea to book at least a few days ahead. These facilities are very clean and in great central locations. The rooms are beyond the standard of those London Hotels we pay so much for. You won’t be disappointed. Weekly rates offer even better value. Some rooms go for as low as $150 per room for a month. Now that is affordable!
  • Dining in Budapest is great. The quality of restaurants in all of Hungary is outstanding and is very cheap in comparison to the rest of Western Europe. Not to mention friendly service and generous servings. Hungarians take a lot of pride in their hospitality and really enjoy meeting and pleasing tourists.
  • Hungary offers countless opportunities for magnificent scenery. Lake Balaton, Eger, Esztergom, Szentendre, Pecs, Debrecen are just a few places to visit. It is a small country and you can reach any of these places by train. Public transport in Budapest and in all of Hungary is excellent. Catch a train anywhere you want to go.
  • Enjoy your trip! Forget Paris, a trip to Budapest will leave you very satisfied.
  • Just as an example of some of the special packages you can get from Hungary to other popular destinations on Europe, at the moment, they are running a special for a trip to Venice for 3 days/ 2 nights, for 44900Ft, which is less than $200. This includes bus trip from Budapest and hotel. Think of all the beautiful scenery along the way!! When looking for bargains, always check last minute deals at any travel agency.

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