Week 1 Quarterback Ranks

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1.) Peyton Manning @HOU – Houston doesn’t really have the pass defense needed to stop Peyton Manning, but not many teams do. This should be a high scoring game with both teams relying on the passing game much more than the rush game. With all the weapons that he has, Manning should pick apart the defense with ease and toss two-three touchdown passes.

2.) Drew Brees vs. MIN – As fierce as Minnesota’s defense was last year against the run, it wasn’t to strong against the pass. With that being said the Saints will pass the ball much more than they run, and Brees has the ability to find the open man and capitalize. Throwing three touchdowns isn’t out of the question.

3.) Aaron Rodgers @PHI – Rodgers makes plays with both his feet and his arm which is why he is ranked so high even against a tough defense. This game is going to be high-scoring and Rodgers should lead the way.

4.) Phillip Rivers @ KC – Who cares if he doesn’t have Vincent Jackson against the chiefs? Not me. The Chiefs defense is so bad that without Jackson the Chargers should still score at least thirty points. Rivers will have no trouble picking apart the defense and could throw for over 300 yards. Jackson holding out may affect Rivers in other games throughout the season, but not against the Chiefs.

5.) Matt Schaub vs. IND – It’s going to be a shoot-out in Houston. Schaub and Manning will both have huge games and the running game will be forgotten. If Manning takes the lead early than Schaub could be the best in Week 1.

6.) Tom Brady vs. CIN – No matter how tough their defense is, it is going to be difficult for the Bengals to stop Tom Brady. Brady has played a full season after missing almost all of 2008, and should be back to the form that made him so dominant in 2007. I’m not saying fifty touchdowns again, but maybe 35.

7.) Jay Cutler vs. DET – No matter how bad he was last year you need to remember that he is playing the Lions. It doesn’t get any worse than the Lions. If you put bad against bad one of them will end up doing good, right? Cutler is going to pick apart their defense pretty easily and have a huge game for himself.

8.) Tony Romo @ WAS – Romo has the opportunity to be one of the top scoring quarterbacks in 2010. He has all the weapons and all the skill and could pass players such as Tom Brady in terms of overall rank.

9.) Brett Favre @ NO – Favre is going to want revenge on the Saints from last years NFC Championship game. His chance is now.

10.) Kevin Kolb vs. GB – Kolb is going to have to show that he can handle the pressure of leading the Eagles to a Super Bowl. It all starts in Week 1.

11.) Carson Palmer @ NE

12.) Eli Manning vs. CAR

13.) David Garrard vs. DEN

14.) Donovan McNabb vs. DAL

15.) Matt Ryan @ PIT

16.) Kyle Orton @ JAC

17.) Vince Young vs. OAK

18.) Alex Smith @ SEA

19.) Byron Leftwich vs. ATL

20.) Jason Campbell @ TEN

21.) Joe Flacco @ NYJ

22.) Matt Cassel vs. SD

23.) Sam Bradford vs. ARI

24.) Matthew Stafford @ CHI

25.) Josh Freeman vs. CLE


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