How to Find Cash Jobs

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One of the best ways to get cash jobs is through word of mouth or advertising. You can advertise your services in public areas such as recreation centers or grocery stores. Excellent references may be a requirement and experience is often a big factor in securing the best jobs for cash. When you find a job, ask your employer or supervisor for a reference to obtain other cash work in the future. Make sure you do your very best to remain polite and arrive on time to start your workday.

1. Child Care Cash Jobs

The best way to get your foot in the babysitting home based business is to care for children you know. You can use these references when you branch out and are ready to find new clients. Many parents feel uncomfortable leaving infants or babies with inexperienced baby sitters. You shouldn’t expect to care for little ones when you get your first babysitting job. People with baby sitting experience can also advance to long term nanny jobs that may develop in a permanent employment position.

2. Garden or Lawn Care Cash Jobs

Many people either do not have the ability or time to take care of their lawns. One of the most popular cash money jobs is to mow lawns, rake leaves, trim trees or cart debris away. You can also earn extra cash by taking seasonal snow shoveling jobs, if you live in a snowy part of the country during the winter.

3. How To Find a Cash Job

The best way to find work in these positions is to post an ad for your services. You can post your name and phone number on public bulletin board space at local senior center, churches, grocery stores, public transportation centers or recreation area. As you gain more experience working cash jobs over time, you may be able to find a more permanent position. Please check out the Resources box below for a great online business to earn cash from home.


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