How to Find Recession Proof Businesses

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Most entrepreneurs start home based businesses to earn extra money. This is true in good financial times as well as in a recession. If you are thinking about starting your own home based business, all of the available options can be very overwhelming. Starting a home business has always been a bold and risky move. There are many home based business opportunities out there that might just be the home businesses you’re looking for. Here is the list of some of the best low-cost recession proof home business ideas available today.

1. Desktop Publishing From Home
If you have a creative flair for putting together newsletters and brochures, you can start your own business by offering desktop publishing services to other small businesses.

2. Business Coaching From Home
If you have experience with management or some other specialized industry skill, consider becoming a business coach.

3. Interior Design Career From Home.
If you are creative, consider interior design career from home.

4. Remodeling Home Business
If you are a gifted contractor or carpenter, consider turning your passion into your own business from home.

5. Start An Accounting Business
There are many home job opportunities available for certified public accountants. If you are interested in getting certified, check for information on your specific state requirements.

6. Personal Chef or Catering Business
Consider starting your own personal chef or catering home business.

7. Photography Home Job
If you are skilled photographer, you can open your own photography studio in your home.

8. Become A Home Inspector
Create your own home job by becoming certified to inspect homes.


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