Why Ground Zero

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There never was a Muslim community in that part of Manhattan. It is merely the closest site to Ground Zero that can be purchased.  Location is the key feature in placing the Centre.  If it could be on the site or next to it, tht would have been ideal, but it will be close enough to allow thousands of Muslims reason to mill about that place in New York City where the World Trade Centre stood until September 11th.

To place an Islamic Centre so close upon Ground Zero caused an outcry which ended in a Court case where the words ‘Freedom of Religion’ masked the truth.  For this has nothing to do with religion. This has everything to do with creating a situation.

Using American law against America is the coup d’etat.  There was no doubt that if the trial could proceed as if it were a ‘freedom of religion’ issue the Islamic community would win.  Hence so it was phrased.

Those who can think ‘outside the box’ knew it was like smoking in an elevator or placing a nude bathing beach near an temple.  It has nothing to do with freedom of anything, it has everything to do with provocation. Everything to do with ‘capturing the site and perverting it.

The Centre will probably be built with money from various organisations labled ‘terrorist’ and will host persons who would be willing to die as long as they could take others with them.  Those who blind themselves to this reality will experience it.  Will, if that Centre is built, find Ground Zero treated as the Victory of Islam.

There is a difference between a community wishing to build a religious centre within the community or near upon it and those seeking to rub salt into a wound.  Unfortunately, the lawyers for those who objected to the Centre were not able to present this successfully.


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