Verizon’s Droidx Crucial Hardware Disadvantage Found

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Motorola’s DroidX could  have easily been the much awaited iPhone killer – with bigger screen, with powerful hardware and as most people on the scene expected, freely hackable and fully configurable by the user, opposed to the tough to customize Apple flagship.

That was, until a piece of internal information was leaked to the public – DroidX has integrated hardware protection, to make sure no third party bootloader can be used. This chip checks the bootloader at start, and if it detects problem it blows a hardware fuse in the phone, rendering it unusable, requiring service support and effectively voiding your warranty.

It was a cruel surprise for the Android community and a major drawback for the phone itself. Though rumors circulated around the “rooters” for sometime, no one believed an Android phone can be crippled by the manufacturer to such extent. After all, one of the main advantages of the Android OS is the fact it is wide open for customization by the end user.

With this move Motorola and Verizon cut an entire niche of phone’s clients – hardware and software enthusiasts will never buy a device crippled so severely. And although with the time some hack, to install Froyo for example, may surface, the moment for big success will be long gone, “blowing” the DroidX’s chance to be the new leader of the pack on the smartphone devices market.


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