The Simplicity of Branding

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Want to understand branding?

Everything is branding. What did you say? Thats right, a brand is a mental file
in a customers mind. Say the word ice cream and immediately thoughts,memories,
and feelings are connected and put in the forefront of your mind. Ice Cream in
itself is BRANDED in our brain. Example when you say chocolate I think:

  • chocolate bar

  • hersheys

  • tasty

  • hungry

Every word brings up a connection of memories-usually consistently.

A consistent group of memories in the human mind is…yes you guessed it.

                                                            A BRAND

     Everything is connected  like this in our minds. A brand is not

a stale thing. It is a tag that helps your mind categorize where to put things.

Brain activity is more than just a few logos. Memories and feelings are filed in

these tags. A brand is glue that holds them together.But thats Good. It means

we already understand how the concept of branding works instantly!

     The ramifications of this are great. When you build a brand you are filling

these tags or mental containers. Thousands of pieces of information flow into

a tag in the customers mind. Thus, you better keep filling it with consistent positive

things or your brand will lose stature in the mind of the consumer.


Written by Michael Saks

Marketing Professional and SEO specialist


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