3 Innovative Price Comparison Tools

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Most people are pretty familiar with the whole concept of price comparison by now, and many of you will have used a website or app which offers this kind of function in the past. Online companies which let you compare the cost of a product or service from a whole range of retailers or service providers so that you can choose the cheapest one have been amongst the biggest business success stories of recent years, and are fast becoming some of the most widely used sites on the internet.

But what you might not be aware of is that inn addition to the standard website – where you search for the product that you want, and perhaps enter a few of your own details to get a tailored quote for things like insurance, then view a list of prices from competing sellers  – there are also some more innovative comparison tools out there that you can use to help you find the best deal on the market. Here are my top 3:

  1. Superfish have created a browser application called the ‘window shopper’ which offers you the ability to activate an on-page price comparison tool when you click the small button that you can add to your browser. Basically this means that you can browse your favorite online stores and shop as you normally would, and if superfish can find you a cheaper deal on any of the product that you are looking at from a different store they will let you know by adding a ‘see similar’ button to the product image. You can only use it on the site in their list of supported stores, but they do have quite a few including major sites like amazon.com and bestbuy.com.
  2. Social bargain hunting website BookmarkedBy.Us offer a price comparison toolbar which you can add to your browser which includes the superfish ‘window shopper’ as well as a regular price comparison search function that you can use from your browser search box, and social shopping functions like a drop down menu shopping feeds of recent bargain deals voted popular my members of the site, and the ability to quickly share your own best bargain finds.

  3. And finally, did you know that you can compare offers when you are selling stuff as well as when you are buying stuff? A good example is mobile phone recycling comparison websites, where you tell them the make and model of your old phone and they will show you a list of offers from all of the main online companies who are willing to buy it from you.

And those are just my personally top 3; there are many more innovative services out there, such as apps that let you scan a products barcode in a shop to see if you can buy the same thing cheaper elsewhere, and I am sure that there will be many more in the future too.


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