Shocking 64% of Women Are Ready to Post Their Sex Tape to The Net, in Order to Get Attention And Advance in Carrier

More than 60% of women would release a sex tape in order to advance in their career a survey of US Institute of marketing research among women from 20 to 30 years old discovered. Also another 54% would sleep with their proffesor in college in order to pass exams easily.

Men should not giggle, as 45% of the interviewed individuals below 30 years old said they would do the same. Such results are surprising just to a certain extent, as 2900 of the interviewed 3000 men and women were in college at the time. As you know, “college  years” are not the time of biggest moral  precautions.

This is supported by another interesting result – 44% of young men and women asked, stated they would blackmail a colleague or professor if they had a chance.

Such results are alarming, as, even though a small percentage of these people will ever do it for real, some society worths seem to be fading with every new generation. More alarming is the fact that these people are younger member of this society – ones that are going to move it forward in coming decades. Though my title is little screaming, have a minute spent thinking over these percentages, and try to be a little more caring person today.

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