How To Make a Kissing Ball

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Christmas is right around the corner and you have run out of time and money… but there are still a few names on your gift list. This crafty little idea is inexpensive and easy to do but if you can’t find lavender buds, you could use flower petals that you can find at your local craft store.

Difficulty: N/A
Time Required: n/a

Here’s How:

1. Cover a 2 inch foam ball with craft glue. You can paint it on or use your fingers.

2. Roll foam ball in lavender and allow to dry.

3. Check for bare spots. Apply a dab of glue and press lavender into the uncovered spots.

4. Place lavender ball on a 15 inch section of satin ribbon. Gather the ribbon over the ball and tie securely.

5. Repeat with second length of ribbon and tie at top of ball. Ribbons should “cut” the ball into quarters.

6. Gather the loose ribbon and tie all four pieces together for hanging.

8. Sprinkle lavender oil onto the ball for additional fragrance.

Lavender buds come in many colors ranging from gray to lavender to pink. For this project, choose a pink of purple shade for the best results.

What You Need:
•    foam ball
•    lavender buds
•    craft glue
•    lavender essential oil



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