Alex Higgins- The Greatest

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Image3.gif  Alex “Hurricane” Higgins


What made Higgins such a popular figure in British snooker?

A man with so many flaws, loved and respected by so many.

He was a heavy drinker, reported to be a violent man. Yet ask anyone of a certain age and they will tell you with a smile all about watching Higgins on T.V.

At his best he was a player of such skill and speed, able to read a game eight or nine shots ahead. A player who would blow other players away.

Alex was a shot to the system, a loose cannon in a game that was still being played by middle aged gentleman.

We return to the question… What made him so popular?


He was flawed, he had issues and that made him one of us, we all have flaws, we all have problems and to see a person with the same flaws being a success. Well that lifts a viewer, even gives the audience a boost in their own self confidence.

Steven Hendry was an amazing player, one who won everything in the game. However Hendry was never idolised like Higgins, Hendry was a perfect, robot like player; he did not have the heart of Higgins.

It takes a flawed person to be a genius and likewise all geniuses are flawed.


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