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Are adult dating sights wrong or dangerous? I believe they can be. I also believe that if two consenting adults get together and decide to have an anonymous quickie it is no one’s business but theirs. If there were not a demand for these sites, they would not be so successful. People have every right to do whatever they want to do as long as they are not hurting anyone or breaking the law.

I saw the episode on Law and Order SVU about the anonymous quickie sex site and the person spreading HIV, and it was thought provoking but good Lord who in this day and age is having unprotected sex with total strangers.

These sites are for consenting adults, a place for adults to get together for dates or sex, that being said; I believe that if there is anyone out there demanding to have unprotected sex that should be a red flag for anyone. I know parents out there will ask, what about the possibility of a children logging onto one of these sites?

That is a good question, who is responsible for protecting children or keeping them off these sites. I believe both parties are responsible, sure the sites need to make it harder for teens or children to get by the road blocks these sites put up to try and keep children off.

Computers now a days come with the ability to block adults sites on the internet, I believe the parents have to take a little of the responsibility here too. If you do not want, your children on adult sites block the sites on their computer. If parents and the owner of these sites work together it would go a long way toward making the internet safer for everyone.

Controversy and debut over anonymous quickie adult dating sites will surely go on for sometime to come, but when it’s all said and done consenting adults have the right to do and to see whom every they chose to as long as what they are doing is legal and not hurting anyone, If you are interested in finding a discreet good time checkout.


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