Why Do Men Cheat? 4 Reasons Why Men Cheat

Why do men cheat? No one goes into a marriages or relationships believing they are going to cheat. The whole reason for being in a relationship is because you feel that this other person is going to be all you will need. You feel this person is going to be the one person to satisfy your every mental and physical need, and when that doesn’t happen, someone cheats.

Everyone has their reasons for cheating and I’m not here to judge one way or the other, but over time I have found these to be some of the top reasons why men cheat.

1) Payback

For being cheated on or feeling slighted by the spouse. Something triggers a memory or an old flame shows up unexpectedly. It could be totally innocent, but this is the same guy years or months earlier that she could not decide rather she wanted to be with you or with him.

You think about it and the more you think about it the angrier you get. “She had to think about being with you?” and for some that’s just enough to go out and do a little payback cheating. It is silly and immature, but it happens all the time.

2) Arguing and fighting.

This is the quickest way to be cheated on. Most men just do not have it in them to constantly argue and fight, life is to short. There is nothing worse then coming home from work and walking into a tension-filled house, it can make you miserable. It is just easier to find some one a little more easy and accepting, the way you use to be.

3) Physical attraction

No one is saying a woman has to walk around the house dressed to the nines all the time, but a housecoat and jogging pants should not be the every day uniform either. If he is not attracted to you some one else is more likely to catch his attention. Men are visual creatures it’s as simple as that.

4) The bait and switch

A sexual change in the person you’re with. If before things got serious between the two of you, you were having sex almost every day several times a day, then after you get married all of a sudden there is hardly any sex at all, this could be a problem.

Many guys feel duped, like they were tricked and that can lead to feelings of resentment toward the spouse. A man that has needs is going to find a way to take care of those needs especially if he feels resentment toward his spouse.

I know life sometimes has a way of getting in the way, and sex should not be the end all be all, but to go from a lot to nothing well you are just begging to be cheated on in my opinion.

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