The Queen of Wedding Dresses – Vera Wang

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Vera Wang was born on June 27, 1949 in New York City, where she still lives today. Her parents came to New York from Shanghai, China, so Vera is of Chinese decent, but she has lived in New York all her life.

She went to The Chapin School in Manhattan, to The University of Paris and to Sarah Lawrence College. She did not study fashion, but got into fashion after being disappointed for not making the US National Team in ice skating. She started out at Vogue, where she was the senior fashion editor for 16 years, but left when Anna Wintour was made editor in chief instead of her in 1985. She has been married since 1989 and opened her first own salon in The Carlyle Hotel in Manhattan in 1990. The first salon already had what she was later to become famous for: wedding dresses.

After that, her career sky rocketed, and she has designed dresses for:

Chelsea Clinton

Charlotte on Sex and the City

Alyssa Milano

Jessica Simpson

Hilary Duff

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Victoria Beckham

Jennifer Lopez

Ivanka Trump

just to mention a few celebrities.

Of course, she has also designed costumes for figure skaters, having been one herself. Nancy Kerrigan who got a silver in the 1994 Olympics was wearing a Vera Wang creation, for instance.

Besides clothes, Vera Wang also sells cosmetics, jewelry, fragrances, housewear and eyewear these days. She has also written a book, entitled Vera Wang on Weddings and has frequently appeared on television and in movies, never as an actress, but always as herself. Now that is a sign of true style! Refusing to play anyone but yourself. Not everyone can do that!


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