10 Easy Ways to Make a Good Impression

We all want to give a good impression, no matter if we are meeting new people, going for a job interview, or anything else. And luckily, making a good impression does not need to be hard. You can do small things in order to make other people feel appreciated and more positive towards you. Doing this does not take a lot of effort of time, it is just a matter of habit, and you need to get used to it.

These are just examples of 10 easy ways to make a good impression on basically anyone you meet:

  1. Smile. It always makes people feel good, and makes you seem likeable and less stuck up.

  2. Make eye contact. This shows confidence and respect, as well as genuine interest in the person you are talking to.

  3. Use the other person’s name. It makes it more personal and it shows that you remember it!

  4. Thank anyone who does something for you. This goes for people who are paid to do it as well. Don’t be a snob and demand things from others!

  5. Be positive. Nobody likes negative people.

  6. Greet people you meet. If possible, be the first to greet them.

  7. Do not do other things, such as checking your cell phone or your computer while talking to people. Focus on them, not on everything else you can do later.

  8. If you put something in writing, be it an email, a text message or something else, proof read it. It makes a more professional and caring impression.

  9. Compliment people if they deserve it. Just make sure the compliment is genuine.

  10. Offer people a handshake. It shows confidence and good manners.

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