Almost Instant Relief From Gout

Of course, some cases of Gout are more extreme than others.  But as a general rule, Gout is caused by one thing.  

The build up of Uric Acid (urate) in the Blood.  High levels of this stuff can cause crystals to form in joints, most often the toes.  Uric Acid is generally harmless and is present in all of us.  We pass it in out in urine and from the gut.  Its just when extremely high levels build up, swelling and pain can occur – known as a Gout Attack.

Im not going to go into too much detail about what actually causes all this Uric Acid to build in the blood as it does change from person to person, though in general you should avoid too much alcahol and keep your vitamin C levels up.

So,  how do we relieve those awful pains happening to you?  Well, again is no 100% guarantee, but ive seen this method work extremely well.

Dicloflex Cream on the area will sooth the pain and reduce the swelling, Ibuprofen will also aid with these symptoms.

Cherries,  yes cherries.  Cherries contain chemicals that easily break down high levels or Uric Acid in your blood.  

Water, plenty of water.  Water is able to dissolve Uric Acid, so get plenty of water inside you.  You’ll be in and out of the bathroom more than usual, but its a small price to pay for the relief you will get from it.  the idea is also to get your body pH level above 7.0, this will speed up the process.

Potassium – Have a banana. or take potassium supplements.  Again this will help to neutralise the Uric Acid in your blood.

I hope this helps.

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