How to Make Your Dog Fall Asleep Quickly.

To make your dog fall asleep quickly you will need

*A comfortable chair, couch, bed, cushion, etc.

* If your dog is disobident or does not know the command to come you may need a toy or treat to lure them.

Step 1- Get your dog lying on their side on the chair, couch or bed.  This may require coaxing with a treat or toy.

Step 2-  Put your finger behind your dogs ear and move it in a circular motion, and they will calm down and fall asleep.  This normally takes about 1-2 minutes, but sometimes may require up to five minutes.

This technique even works on the most energetic dogs and puppies!

And now you know how to make your dog or puppy fall asleep quickly!

Alternitively you can place a clock or metronome next to your dogs kennel or bed.  The ticking noise seems to lull them into sleep, and keeps them asleep for longer.  You can also use classical music.  This method does not work as well as the first, and most likely should be tried only if the first technique does not work. 

Other tips

* Feed your dog a few hours before they go to bed, so they will have time to digest their food.

*Before bed, have your dog lay next to you, and snuggle with him or her.  They feel safest when they feel like they are in a litter or with their mother.

*Remember to allow your dog plenty of exercise and let them wear themselves out before bed.

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