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                                                     Facebook and Your privacy

 One of the major points that Facebook scored over all of the other social networking sites, at least initially, was its stringent privacy settings that gave you a sense of security and safety regarding the contents of your profile on Facebook. However, with the advent of Twitter and other such sites, Facebook might be in a mood to keep up with the growth of its competitors – and this might be why now Facebook content is easily accessible to strangers and gone are the days when you had a sense of privacy that only you and your exclusive friends shared on the network.

                                                                    Underwater Hockey

In a bizarre version of one of the most thrilling (and tough) games – namely ice hockey – the two teams of six members each fight against each other to score a goal under 6 to 8 feet of water. The players wear fins for speed and agility, and also use masks and snorkels for air – however, for the most part; the heavy lead puck has to be maneuvered with a sort stick of about a foot long while holding your breath underwater. There are elaborate rules for this game and nationwide championships are also held regularly. You can even become a member various Underwater Hockey clubs spread all over.

                                                                            About works

Kitchen forks have been endlessly evolving for the past millennium or so. But a historical background check will put its origins somewhere in Greek. Initially used for the carving of meat, the fork comes to the dining table pretty late. It was around the 7th century that royal courts in the Middle Eastern Muslim world started to use the fork on the dining table. In another century, they were passed on to the Byzantine world, where the use of forks at the dining table became symbolic in wealthy and noble families. The fork was later carried on to Italy through a matrimonial alliance with the Byzantine. After a long dormant period, the flow continued into Francem when Catherine de Medicis married Henry II. The Fork came to the English notice by a man called Thomas Coryate, who brought forks to England in 1608. It took a very long time for the English to take up the fork as it initially met cultural resistance.


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