God’s Riches Are With Us

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God’s riches are always with us

Easy it is to make our own!

Wealth of selfish greedy hearts

In due course desert and disown!

Those who have a hoard of wealth

Find wealth their sole reward,

But the poor in spirit and meek in heart

Rely always on their Lord!

Wealth can bring all pleasures of sense

But quickly they destroy!

Reliance of the Eternal Lord

Will bring never-ending joy!

Earthly wealth will make us slaves,

A burden hard to bear.

But the poor in spirit have God’s riches

A wealth they gladly share!

Blessed are those poor in spirit

For their’s is the Lord, you see;

They live in joy in God’s kingdom

This keeps them always free!

‘Do not store your wealth on earth

Where the selfish moths destroy’

Thieves can easily steal them off

And leave you with empty hand!

Where you keep your wealth for safe,

Sure your heart is there!

Fears and worries will smother you

To force you down at a loss!

Heavenly riches never fail you

Always fill with peace and joy!

The ways of finding this treasure of Lord

Are given in the Holy Word of God!

Wealth of earth perishes soon

Find wealth that ever lasts!

It is not in hoarding but sharing all

Is the only source of wealth!


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