The Mysterious Qualities of Faith

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Faith is a mystery, but it is not without recognizable attributes. People confuse faith with the rock of the church, the body of Christ. They think faith must have the same attributes as a rock. But the rock on which our church is founded are the permanent principles of God. These are indeed immovable and unchanging. But our faith is different. Faith is more like the breath of God, the ruach, the Holy Spirit which traversed the waters at the beginning of time.

Faith has the same attributes as mist, except that instead of covering things up, it reveals things. Mist floats, travels, has no shape or form, changes form, changes consistency, is sometimes thick, sometimes thin. It has no definite edges but blends in and out with the atmosphere around it. At its densest it is the most opaque. At its thinnest it is practically transparent, hiding nothing. Mist is the physical equivalent of the spiritual essence of faith.

Faith too is formless, can change shape, floats, travels, is blurred at the edges. At its most intense it reveals all, at its lowest intensity, it reveals nothing. One day it comes in on us like a fog from the sea and literally engulfs us. We feel immersed in it and thoroughly blessed. At other times, we see it only in faint wisps. We know it is there yet it has very little effect on us. We receive no revelation, no healing, no satisfaction.

Once you understand these attributes of faith, then you can stop fretting about when you have faith and when you haven’t. Faith is always there, but the intensity will vary. We can control how strong our faith is by the amount of work we put into our worship, but it will not always be where we want it WHEN we want it.

Faith requires patience. Just as travelers wait patiently for fog to clear, we faith walkers must wait patiently for faith to manifest itself in all its revealing glory.


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