Your Shape Your Call

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      Thin or Fat, round or flat, whatever the shape of your body, there is always a way of dressing appropriately to accenture your good looks rather than focus on your flaws. Just because you’re not a size 0 and 5’9″ doesn’t mean you can’t weasr the latest and hottest fashions. The most important thing you can do when it comes to your body as a whole and ultimately determine what shape you really are. Once you’ve figured that out, you can now start dressing for your shape. Don’t put on skinny jeans just because they’re the fad, since they might not look right on your shape. So here are four different shapes your body might be- find out what yours is!

Apple Shape

      Apple-shaped bodies obviously round; therefore, you might have a rounder middle. To take the focus off your mid-section, wear an empire top with a V-neck that will pull the eye upward to the thinnest part of the torso. If your proud of your legs, show them off in a short skirt or a hot pair of jeans and high heels.

Pear Shape

      If you’re on the bottom than on the top, wear darker skirts or trousers and lighter tops. Pants that are cut full in the leg will help conceal your bottom part. To draw attention to your better half, wear a top with structured shoulders or a tailored jacket.

Ruler Shape

      Ruler-shaped bodies have a straight physique and require some curves. Wear a dark belt around your waist or put on a ruched (a gathered piece of fabric) top to add some volume to your bust. You can also layer a shrunken jacket over a large top to create dimension.

Hourglass Shape

      You can emphasize your small waist in a fifted top. An A-line wrap dress will bring attention to your narrow middle while skimming your hips and bust without accentuating them. 


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