Gifts With Price Tags

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Would you want the receiver to get your gift still with price tag on it? If the answer is a yes, or a no, why?

Most often than not, we get invites to parties. Name it – birthdays, wedding ceremonies, baptism, get-togethers, etc.We also ended up uninvited tagged along (or forced) by the person who was the guest.

I believe that once invited, we should do our very best to attend the gathering.Except in cases of emergency, or indisposition.That way, we give that feeling of importance to the host(s).It’s not easy preparing for a gathering.A simple one eats up time, what more with a grand celebration?

Before totally deviating from the topic, I would want my gift without the price tag. I do that only when there is an exchange gift or a monito-monita activity during Christmas or New Year.That is to let the receiver know that I followed the rule of finding a gift with the agreed price, or with a price not lower than the agreed price.

Other than those events, I make sure that I had removed the price tag. I would not want to obligate the receiver to give me a gift equivalent to what I gave.Most gifts anyway with price tags still on it are pricey.Also, I would not want the receiver to feel that I am buying him/her.Not really a comfortable thought for me.

On a positive note, perhaps those who give gifts with price tags still on them want the receiver to know that they value the connection. Ouch, I sound unconvincing.


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