5 Free Things to Do While Visiting San Francisco

Anyone who knows me well knows that I like cheap and free things
to do with the family. It isn’t that I’m not willing to pay good
money for good fun, I just happen to believe that the best fun is
sometimes as free as the wind. The same holds true when visiting
new cities like San Francisco. I will invest a great amount of
time looking for activities that the members of my family can
enjoy for little or no money. This saves money for other things
like good food and souvenirs.

I’m also a big fan of David Letterman and in that spirit I
decided to devise a top five list of my very own in honor of Mr.
Letterman’s Top 10 list. My big 5 list consists of things to do
for free when visiting San Francisco.

1) Golden Gate Bridge. This is a favorite among tourists for many
reasons. One of those reasons is the fact that it is one landmark
that belongs only to San Francisco. It is uniquely a part of this
city and represents, for many, your entire trip. Another reason
is that there are so many ways to get there. I recommend walking
and if you’re up for it, try one of the guided walking tours-this
will provide valuable background information about the bridge as
well as insuring that you don’t get lost on the way.

2) Golden Gate Park. This park is larger than New York’s Central
Park and, in my opinion, equally grand. There is so much to do
and see in Golden Gate Park that you could spend a good portion
of your vacation here alone.

3) Cable Car Museum. Kids of all ages will find this museum
interesting, especially big and little boys. This museum
definitely offers a great deal of education and excitement for
the family. These neat cable cars are a trademark of San
Francisco transportation. This is one museum I would pay to go
to, the fact that it is free is a bonus that I can’t resist and
the primary reason it is on this particular top five list.

4) Walking Tours of San Francisco. These free walking tours are
not only entertaining; they are also very informative as well.
Learn about the history of the neighborhoods that this city is
famous for as well as the great people who rebuilt a grand city.
The city was rebuilt literally from the ashes of what it once
was, and the founding families made it even better. San Francisco
has a wonderful story to tell, and these guides narrate it

5) San Francisco Fire Department Museum. For the big kid in all
of us that wanted to grow up to be a fire fighter, this museum
takes the cake. Not only does it provide great historical
references and artifacts, but it is also really cool! I can think
of no greater compliment to give a museum than that. This one,
even your children will enjoy and beg to go back again and again.

Whether you are a big kid, a little kid, or just a kid at heart
these activities are a great and inexpensive way to pass a day or
two while on vacation. If you can’t stand the thought of saving
money or not spending it, I’m sure each of these places will be
glad to accept donations or at the very least sell you something
at the gift shop (if the place you are visiting has one).
Regardless, I hope my suggestions have gotten your mental wheels
turning, and you are coming up with your own great ways to enjoy
the day without spending a lot of green



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